Here you can find some projects I created or I'm still working on them.

"Tampa Tech Jobs" is an employment Web App to search for jobs. Employers can post jobs and users can see all the jobs, individual jobs details and send resumes to employers.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, PHP, and MySQL

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"Movie Express" is a Web App to search for movies information. The App use the RESTful API of OMDb (Open Movie Database).

Node.js, Express.js, HTML, CSS, and, Bootstrap.

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Single-page Application made with React.js

React SPA App iPad

React.js, React Router, HTML, CSS, and, Bootstrap

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Simple Web App where users can register, login, post new Escapes and add comments.

Node, Express, MongoDB, and Passport Login.

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A login App with SESSIONS, Password Hash, and Password Recovery.

PHP 7, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, HTML, and Bootstrap.

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HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, E-Commerce, SEO, CRUD Web Apps, JavaScript, API’s, JSON.

UI Design

Pencil & Paper, Figma, React, and a lot of creativity.


PHP, MySQL, Node, Express, MongoDB, NoSQL.